Transforming the Land With the Kirpy Stone Crusher

The Kirpy stone crusher is ‘‘a great development machine’’, says Matakanui Station owner Andrew Paterson, of Omakau, Central Otago. A sheep and beef farmer, Mr Paterson is using a borrowed Kirpy stone crusher from supplier Agriline until his new one arrives from France. He is preparing paddocks for further development and finds the crusher efficient and effective. One of the things the station grows well is rocks. In past years he has paid local kayaking and rowing groups to hand-pick stones and large rocks off the paddocks he wanted to cultivate. He said the fundraising groups had moved hundreds of tonnes of rocks in the time they had been doing it, but the rocks kept emerging through the soil. This year he invested in a Kirpy stone crusher, using a 250hp tractor to tow it. As it moves across the paddock, the crusher grinds most of the rocks into a flour-like consistency while the larger rocks are picked up by the tractor’s bucket. Mr Paterson said he was looking at adding a roller to the tractor to prevent the fine dirt from blowing away, especially during a good nor’wester. ‘‘I am also thinking of putting a cultivator in front of the tractor and perhaps an air seeder, to do all the jobs in one pass, but that might be pushing it.’’ As the rocks are crushed they return potassium to the soil and in addition, any fertiliser sitting on the top is mixed into the soil. He bought three sets of hammers to go with the machine and expected to get about 100 hours out of each. They are easy to replace and although they are expensive to buy, but when comparing the efficiency and effectiveness with other options, he felt there was no contest. Agriline has added Kirpy stone crushers to its successful range of farm machinery. Kirpy has been manufacturing agricultural machinery since 1912 and is an innovative company offering a high-quality, robust line of machinery. It exports to many parts of the world. The Kirpy stone crusher is new to New Zealand but is highly regarded in Europe and many other countries throughout the world. Kirpy is used for rocky land refurbishment, rail beds, roading and construction sites and is considered one of the most robust stone crushers. The first models to arrive here are the BPB machines. The BPB can crush 400mm rocks down to 30mm in a single pass. The first machine delivered has been crushing in several locations ranging from Central Otago (crushing schist and quartz) to Mossburn (crushing river rock considered tough to break). 
The Kirpy BPB 250 is able to crush stones from a hectare of stony land in less than two hours. 
There has been a huge level of interest from all over New Zealand and the main reason is the ability to change rocky land into cultivatable land and valuable pasture. 
This is a far more attractive and economic option than picking small rocks and stones up, because when you are picking them up, the next lot of rocks is only just below the surface. Crushing them at depths of up to 400mm means any deeper rocks will not resurface for many years, if ever. 
The Kirpy ripper is also a strong machine. With its solid ripper legs, it can rip up to 500mm deep in soil to extract stone or open up panned or pugged soil. It is also a useful machine for opening up tracks or roading. 
Agriline can demonstrate the Kirpy on farms throughout the South Island. Please phone Agriline on (03) 422-2242 to arrange this. 


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