National Fieldays 2018

Agriline Ltd will be displaying their range of high quality cultivation and land development/maintenance machinery. You will not be able to miss the large display of Vigolo equipment in its distinctive orange. This includes power harrows, subsoilers and of course the hugely popular Vigolo mulchers. Also, we have the K-Line SPEEDTILLER from Australia, this is the worlds best dual-purpose disc tillage machine it is designed to ensure it can do a brilliant job of both primary and secondary cultivation and is built strong and heavy to ensure a long machine life. One of the latest additions to the range is the Lehner air-seeders from Germany these are a very well designed efficient unit that can be mounted on rollers, power harrows and speed discs etc. so be sure to come have a look at them. Also, on display will be a range of equipment from Picursa and Kirpy which includes forestry mulchers, hydraulic drive mulchers and stone removal equipment. Come and see this great range of gear and meet our friendly team on site A29.

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  • Nice Stand! Congratulations!
    I wish you to have many visitors and lots of orders.

    Cedric de BOURAYNE

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