New Vigolo TDF Mulchers

Agriline is introducing a new model to their hugely successful Vigolo mulcher range. The new TDF comes in above the already market leading TST range. Agriline managing director Mike Hamlin has had over 20 years’ experience with mulchers and has used his extensive knowledge of the industry to assist in the design of the new machine to ensure it is the ideal machine for New Zealand conditions.

One of the main features of the new TDF range is the high horsepower rating, the single drive model is rated for 220HP and double drive model is rated for a massive 300HP. Both machines have more belts driving than any other mulcher in the industry greatly reducing the chance of slipping belts. As bigger tractors are becoming more common Agriline sees these as very important features.

The rotor is another important feature on the TDF, it has a large 273mm rotor giving it excellent strength. A large rotor also gives much better momentum which helps you get thru the tough spots without stalling your tractor. The rotor has reinforcing plates to stop any damage from flail backlash, it is fitted with heavy duty cast flail lugs and 25mm flail bolts.

The skids on the TDF are designed by Agriline specifically for New Zealand Conditions they are a wide, shaped skid that allows for better floatation the will tend to ride over loose material rather than bunching it up in front. A roller also comes standard on the mulchers above 2.5m wide and is an option on the ones 2.5m and below. It is a large 273mm roller with a scraper and is supported on a unique bearing system that ensures the bearing is totally protected.

The body on these mulchers is extremely heavily built with everything strongly braced and gusseted. The inside of the body is lined with hardened steel to protect the outer layer. They have a double row of chains in front for extra protection from objects being fired forwards. All the TDF mulchers have a full length adjustable tailgate with the option of hydraulic control as well.

As with most of the Vigolo mulchers they come fitted standard with triple flails, these will do a brilliant job of any materials from grass through to gorse and tree prunings etc. They are very easy to drive therefor saving fuel and stress on your tractor. Other flail types are available as options.

Contact Agriline for more information or to request a demo.

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