Vigolo 1050 Deep Ripper - Subsoiler Agriline Cultivation Machinery NZ

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Product: Vigolo 1050 Series Ripper

Vigolo 1050 Series Ripper

The Vigolo 1050 Series Rippers are designed to work with depths up to 70 cm. The shape of the shanks is designed to aerate the ground and break the pan improving drainage and soil structure. The rear spiked rollers help break up the ground and level it.


  • Rated from 100 - 400 HP
  • Up to 700mm working depth
  • Optional double rear spiked rollers
  • Manual or Hydraulic roller adjustment
  • Hydraulic or Shear-bolt breakaway
  • Reversible tips
  • 2.4m 5 leg
  • 2.85m 7 leg
  • 3.5m 9 leg
  • 3.85m 9 Leg