VDW Fodder Beet - Sugar Beet Chipper

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Product: VDW Beet Chipping Buckets

VDW Beet Chipping Buckets

The VDW Beet chipping buckets are a very fast and economical way to chip beet or vegetables that need to be chipped for stockfeed. Their robust construction and ease of use makes them ideal for all applications.

Chipping Beet is an essential part of the beet feeding system and gives you the following advantages

  • Reduces choking risk
  • Speeds up consumption - This increases weight gain significantly
  • Ensures all animal get an even measure
  • Available in 850Kg, 1200Kg, 1700Kg and 3000 Kg
  • Hydraulic Auto Stone Release
  • Can fit any type of mounting hitch
  • Will chip a full load of beet in under 2 minutes